ASEI’s engaging Cyber Security Summit brings 20 thought leaders together

Fremont: When it comes to cyber threats, one can’t always predict when one will occur. But one can prepare. The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) hosted a virtual conference with 20 speakers on May 21st at the Cybersecurity Summit. The topic of cybersecurity with growing incidents of ransomware, malware, cyberwarfare and hacking raises a lot of eyebrows in our lives at personal as well as organizational levels and hence the underlying theme of the summit was “Because everyone needs to be secure.”

As part of the digital agenda and with increasing adoption of cloud, DevOps and Agile becoming mainstream as a result of embracing microservices and containerization, over 55% of organizations release software products weekly. This naturally causes strain if security principles are not adopted upfront by developers.

The summit was co-chaired and kicked off by ASEI National President Piyush Malik who is serving as Chief Digital & Transformation Officer at Veridic solutions and Bhawna Singh, a Senior Vice President of Engineering at Cybersecurity vendor Okta and a recent ASEI Engineer of the Year awardee. Leading voices representing the cybersecurity industry – from software vendors to risk management consultants to cyber industry innovators to emerging technology startups to government and company board representatives were present and joined by a wide range of experts from all walks of the cybersecurity and technology industry. 

Key Takeaways of the Summit: 

  • Security is everyone’s job
  • Cyber Skills-gap exists and plenty of opportunities are available in Cybersecurity
  • Resilience mindset is necessary from strategy to execution
  • Think about getting Cybersecurity Insurance 
  • New kind of talent needed besides technical skills in cyber security- Negotiation skills 
  • Collaboration is key to execute and enabling security strategy 
  • Security hygiene is a must-have posture
  • Organizations need to build resilience in software supply chains and take steps to protect rapidly multiplying IOT devices
  • Security by Design (SBD) and Privacy by Design (PBD) are not just slogans. They need to be shared values going forward
  • When it comes to cyber threats, you can’t always predict when one will occur. But your organization can prepare and help is available – Just ask!
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