Asia Society to Launch Center for China Analysis

New York: With high-profile speakers, expert discussions, and innovative analyses, the Asia Society will launch its new Center for China Analysis on October 3.

Anchored in the Asia Society Policy Institute, the Center for China Analysis (CCA) aims to be a global leader for policy-relevant, objective analysis of China’s politics, economy, and society, and its foreign and security policy impact on Asia and the world.

Former U.S. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger will deliver his keynote presentation at the inaugural event along with former Australian Prime Minister Dr. Kevin Rudd, President, and CEO of the Asia Society, and Asia Society Policy Institute. The launch will also feature the CCA’s team of experts on China’s politics, economy, foreign policy, and society.

The Asia Society has appointed Dr. Bates Gill, a renowned American Sinologist, as the first Executive Director of the Center for China Analysis, who will work closely with CCA’s Managing Director Jing Qian to oversee the operation and execution of the Center’s strategic goals.

Image courtesy of (Image Courtesy: Asia Society)

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