Australia: Brisbane’s Indian Consulate forced to shut down by Khalistan supporters

The Honorary Consulate of India on Swann Road in Brisbane’s Taringa suburb was forced to close after Khalistan supporters blocked the entrance.  According to Queensland Police, the gathering was unauthorized.

As per reports from Australia Today, Parvinder Singh, a resident of regional Queensland, who had taken a leave from work to attend an appointment at the Indian Consulate, had to reschedule his appointment to get his young child’s Overseas Citizen of Indian card issues sorted.

The presence of the Brisbane Sikh Temple bus accommodating the protesters was also a matter of great concern, the report noted.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at a press conference in New Delhi on March 11th said that Australia will not tolerate any extreme actions or attacks on religious buildings, and such action against Hindu temples has no place.

According to an earlier story from Australia Today, supporters of Khalistan attacked the Honorary Consulate of India on Swann Road in the Taringa neighborhood of Brisbane on the evening of February 21.

When Archana Singh, the honorary consul of India in Brisbane, arrived on February 22, she discovered the flag of Khalistan flying outside the building.

Singh alerted the Queensland Police right afterwards, who arrived and took the flag away after searching the Honorary Consulate of India for any potential threats.

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: Free Press Journal)

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