Awakening your ‘soulprint’ to find happiness and success

It was a chance discovery of a book written 100 years ago by his great great grandfather that blended spiritual wisdom to aid decision-making that inspired writer and life coach Aditya Nath to delve deeper into the subject and pen his debut novel, “Awaken Your Soulprint – Discovering Your Own Special Path To Happiness And Success” that he believes can also provide the path ahead in today’s pandemic times.

“As destiny would have it, one day on I stumbled upon the book of my great great grandfather written over 100 years ago. The essence of the book was spiritual wisdom based on the Vedas, which could be used in our everyday decision-making. This inspired me to start seeking a soulful path to my material world problems,” Nath, an alumnus of the Shri Ram College of Commerce who worked for a few years in a Fortune 100 company in the US and then return to India, told IANS in an interview.

“With the passage of time and having experienced a blissful state of balance between my inner and outer worlds, I thought of sharing this knowledge and learning with my friends and family and started writingthem down.”

Just like a thumbprint, every single human being on this planet has a unique soulprint. Nature never repeats itself in anything it does, thus two soulprints are never alike and nor are their material or spiritual journeys. “Awaken Your Soulprint” (Rupa) provides you the tools to answer life’s existential questions and helps you discover your soulprint in order to create your own customized spiritual path. It postulates the concept of soulful living, a spiritually evolved way of modern-day thinking, based on the realizations of thousands of years of human evolution.

Nath elucidates on how to increase one’s spiritual metabolism and propagates four simple tools – spiritual wisdom, spiritual practices, faith, and devotion – for one’s awakening. These tools activate and guide your energies to take your awareness towards the possibilities of higher existence for yourself.

How does one relate this book to the present pandemic times?

“The book works on balancing the inner and outer worlds, which becomes more relevant in times of unbalance. Pandemic has partially lockdown our material world globally and has given the opportunity for us to focus to foster our spiritual world. The book provides tools and framework for each soulprint to be awakened to seek its own solutions in any of life’s situations,” Nath explained.

‘Awaken Your Soulprint’ provides you the tools to answer life’s existential questions and helps you discover your soulprint to create your own customized spiritual path, says writer and life coach Aditya Nath.

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