Ayodhya: Holi revelry in Ram Lalla’s darbar after 500 years

With Ram Lalla’s idol moved out of the makeshift structure and regally ensconced in the premises with other deities, Holi will be celebrated with grandeur for the first time at Ram janma bhoomi in Ayodhya. Though the Supreme Court verdict handed over land to a Hindu party for construction of a temple in November 2019, Holi celebrations could not be held last year as the deity was still inside a tent.
Celebrations this year will be marked by the euphoria of Ram temple construction, which has picked up pace after the new foundation blueprint was set rolling.
Natural colors, special gulaal will be used in celebrations in the court of Ram Lalla.
The entire temple complex will be decorated with several varieties of flowers, sourced from different parts of the country. The Ram Temple Trust has already begun discussions with priests on rituals scheduled for Holi.

“After Mughal king Babar’s commander Mir Baqi attacked the premises in 1528, Holi celebration was muted and limited to traditional rituals. Five hundred years later, we will celebrate the festival of colors at Ram Lalla’s court. A new era has begun,” said Dr Anil Mishra, member of temple Trust.

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