AYUSH Ministry to hold global Surya Namaskar event on Makar Sankranti

The Ministry of AYUSH will organiZe global Surya Namaskar demonstration program on 14th January, Makar Sankranti for 75 lakh people globally. Virtually briefing the media in New Delhi, Minister for AYUSH Sarbananda Sonowal urged people to participate in the event and said that Surya Namaskar develops immunity and improves vitality. He said, it is significant to health during pandemic conditions. 

Mr Sonowal said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an important decision of celebrating International Yoga Day for the benefit of humanity and Surya Namaskar is another step for good health of people across the globe.

On Makar Sankranti day, the ‘Surya Namaskar’ is offered as a salutation to the Sun to exhibit one’s gratitude for each of its rays as it nurtures all living beings. The Sun, as the primary source of energy, is critical not only for the continuation of the food-chain but it also energizes the mind and body of human beings. The mass Surya Namaskar demonstration also intends to carry the message of climate change and global warming.

The event will underline the importance of Makar Sankranti in our cultural and spiritual heritage. The Surya Namaskar is a set of eight Asanas performed in 12 steps with coordination of the body and mind.


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