Bangladesh protests: Oppn wants PM Hasina to resign

Dhaka: The opposition in Bangladesh, led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), is currently engaged in large-scale protests demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government.

The BNP insists that Prime Minister Hasina step down and the next election, scheduled for January 2024, be held under a neutral caretaker government. They argue that holding free and fair elections is not possible under the current administration, reported Aljazeera.

The BNP accused the ruling Awami League, led by Sheikh Hasina, of vote rigging in the 2014 and 2018 elections, which has led to heightened distrust and discontent among the opposition.

The present government has also been accused of authoritarianism, human rights abuses, and curbing free speech and dissent.

At least 90 BNP activists were arrested last week as a five-hour sit-in protest here turned violent when police in riot gears clashed with protesters who tried to enforce road blockades demanding an interim caretaker government.

Witnesses said the opposition activists set on fire at least four passenger buses, and a police car, damaged several other vehicles and attacked the police armored personnel carriers (APC) with stones and bamboo sticks.

Hasina’s government has rejected the call for a neutral caretaker government, citing its unconstitutionality.

Image courtesy of TwitterZamanAshraf

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