Bangladeshi American social media icon Pricila Fatema Naznin honored

By Mizan Rahman 

A new generation Bangladeshi-American media icon Fatema Naznin Pricila, who is also the founder of a non-profit organization called Pricila New York Inc. was invited and awarded at the 4th Bangladesh Convention at LaGuardia Marriott, in Queens, NY on September 4, 2022. She also spoke and appeared in a live Q&A session with the audience on the topic of “How we can help the young generation and society as the Bangladeshi diaspora in the USA.” 

As a young social worker, Pricila also is a motivational YouTube video creator/steamer with over 6 million followers, the highest number of followers of anyone from our community to be known so far. She is currently studying towards her undergraduate degree in majoring journalism and law, with the goal to pursue her law degree in the future.  

During her presentation, Pricila explained how she started her presence in social media as a younger teen and what obstacles she faced along the way, and how she got constant criticism from others. They were discouraging her from trying too hard because in their opinion she would definitely fail.  

She also spoke about her non-profit organization and about its volunteers in Bangladesh and worldwide. Besides distributing winter clothes, food, hygiene items and nutrition for women, and other necessities her NGO also provides sewing machines to young women who want to start off a business on their own. During Covid her organization helped people with funeral service-related material, by proving clothes, other final expenses, etc.  

Image courtesy of Proided

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