BAPS Charities reaches out to Northwell Huntington Hospital and Helping Hand Rescue Mission

BAPS Charities volunteers delivered food packets for frontline workers and to local pantry

BAPS charities has been at the forefront of the effort to help healthcare workers and hospitals, who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the challenges that many across the nation are currently facing is accessibility to food. With front line personnel working long hours, this concern holds especially true. As part of their effort, BAPS charities prepared 200 food packages and delivered them to Northwell Huntington Hospital on April 19, 2020. 

Volunteers helped prepare the food packages while wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and adhering to social distancing guidelines. The deliveries were made by trained volunteers at the hospital reception area.  Helen Bellenciano, Patient relation and reception at Northwell Huntington Hospital, received the packages on behalf of the hospital. Helen was extremely grateful and said that “this will be for all of the nurses and people working in the COVID-19 areas.”  

With most of New York and Long Island closed and the quarantine order in place, many families are having a hard time finding food. A local food pantry known as the Helping Hand Rescue Mission is trying to solve this problem by distributing food. As part of their effort, BAPS Charities prepared 100 food packages and delivered them to the Helping Hand Rescue Mission on April 22. The deliveries were made by trained volunteers at the hospital reception area.

Rev. Kimberly Gaines-Gambino, spokesperson at Helping hand Rescue Mission, received the packages on behalf of the organization. Miss Kimberly said that “this donation will be distributed to local families in our community that need food.” She also sent a message to volunteers that “we have to be together even though we are apart right now.”

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