BAPS Long Island Mandir welcomes newly elected Suffolk County officials

On March 12, 2022 newly elected officials from Suffolk County visited BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir at Melville, New York.  

Amongst the elected officials who attended the ceremony were Suffolk County district attorney Raymond Tierney, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison, Suffolk County legislator Manuel Estaban and Town of Huntington councilman Dr.Dave Bennardo. Also, police inspector Bill Scrima from the 2nd Precint attended the event. Over 500 people were present to warmly welcomed the invited guests. 

Many community leaders of the Indian diaspora were also present to welcome the elected officials. Amongst them in attendance were Dilip Chauhan, New York City Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Ajay Patel and Divyesh Tripathi, executive board members from Gujarati Samaj of New York, Kiritbhai Naik from Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island, Vijay Shah, president, Long Island Gujarati Cultural Society.  

Dalip Malik from Shri Paramhans Advait Math, and corporate leaders Anumolu Rao, Amit Doshi and Naveen Shah, Anil Jain and their spouses also attended the event. 

The invited guests were very pleased with the services provided by BAPS and BAPS Charities and they wanted to come back again with their families and children to see the warmth and love offered in the temple. 


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