Be bold to work for noble cause: Sadhvi Ritambhara at Hindu Center, NY

Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara ji lecture was received with rapt attention by a group of devotees at Hindu Center, Flushing on Sept 11, 2022. She used several poems and scriptural references to emphasize the importance of serving wholeheartedly for a noble cause.  

Dr Ravi Goyal, community leaders Neeta Jain and Mukesh Modi shared their reverence and appreciation for the humanitarian work undertaken by Didi Maa. She has founded Vatsalya Gram, which addresses the needs of orphan kids, widows and elderly women by providing a structure of the material as well as emotional and spiritual support. 

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mohan Wanchoo explained the significance of Didi Maa’s work with the help of a video. 

In her address, Didi Maa, founder of ‘Vatsalya Gram’, talked about the vision of providing a shelter for orphaned kids as well as deprived girls and women. The Vatsalya gram project is a novel way of providing family structure but she didn’t have any seed money. 

Her deep reverence for Bharat and Bharatiya Sanskriti inspired everyone to selflessly work for society. 

In the journey of 25 years of the inception of Vatsalya gram, there have been several beneficiaries, who are now serving society with love and compassion. 

Didi Maa’s projects don’t differentiate on the basis of caste, creed and religion, it is the service for humanity. 

Sadhvi Ritambharaji also remembered her Guru Yugpurush Swami Shri Paramanand ji maharaj, who is known for his ability to convey profound Vedantic messages in simple words. She was ordained into sanyaas tradition by him as a young woman and imbibed the spirit of devotion for the divine as well as love for Bharat from him. 

Sadhvi ji has faced baseless criticism and opposition by certain groups during her visit to the USA, who paint her as a “hate monger” and refer to few statements made by her with devotion to Bhagwan Ram during Ram Janmabhoomi Movement and ignore her significant selfless contribution for the society.  

In her address, she also narrated the Upanishadic story of a gurukul, in which the final test by the guru involved looking at the manifestation of kindness by the shishyas. 

Indian American community members appreciated her clarity and courage. This was a soulful fundraising event highlighting the ancient wisdom of Bharat that teaches love for humanity. 

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