Best Theme Parks in the United States

The United States is full of theme parks designed to bring happiness and fun to all ages. These parks vary in their landscapes, rides, and atmosphere providing you with a unique experience when exploring them. However, narrowing down the right ones to visit can be a tough task.

Below you’ll find some of the best amusement parks in the country and what they have to offer you.

Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay

This amusement park is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, and is meant to take you on a thrilling adventure into Africa. Visitors will find numerous rides to hop on which range from roller coasters to river rapid rides. For those who might want something a bit calmer, there are cable car excursions across the park.

In addition to rides, you’ll discover many animals living in the park, like lions, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, and cheetahs. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay also puts on many different shows and events throughout the day, including a safari ride where visitors can meet the animals in the park up close.

California Adventure Park

The California Adventure Park is situated in Disneyland and is home to a variety of fun rides and themed areas. Some fantasy worlds you’ll find here include Cars Land and Pixar Pier which are filled with exciting buildings to explore and rides.

Visitors will discover plenty of shopping and restaurant districts, like Buena Vista Street and Pacific Wharf. While touring the park, guests can meet some of Disney’s famous characters, like Anna and Elsa from Frozen and the gang from Toy Story. This park puts on a handful of shows each day which range from dance parties to evening firework displays.

Cedar Point, Ohio

Cedar Point first opened in 1870 and is one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States. The park features hundreds of thrilling rides, including 18 roller coasters. Cedar Point puts on numerous shows throughout the day, such as musicals and Broadway-inspired plays. In addition to this, you’ll discover many different restaurants to grab a bite to eat at, many of which offer dietary-restrictive options.

This amusement park also has a waterpark built to serve both kids and adults. You’ll find a few exclusive experiences to sign up for while visiting the park, like wine tastings and glass-blowing classes. There are a few hotels and campgrounds located on the grounds.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is situated in the heart of Orlando but is designed to make you feel as if you’re in the middle of the African savanna. Guests will be able to view and learn more about many of Africa’s native animals. Besides this, you’ll find plenty of other attractions while exploring the park, including rides, animation stations, conservation spots, and safari journeys.

Visitors can also attend one of the many shows held during the day here and ask for an autograph from one of the various characters roaming around the park. During the evening, you could visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom again to view dazzling illuminations.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida

Created over 30 years ago, Disney’s Hollywood Studios celebrates the art of moviemaking. Visitors will transport themselves into many famous movie settings, such as The Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Toy Story, and even come across characters from these films. You’ll not only be able to learn more about cinematography while here but enjoy rides and many interactive shows as well. Guests to Hollywood Studios will discover many unique restaurants that range from glamorous Hollywood eateries to nostalgic 50s-era diners. There are some behind-the-scenes tours available that will give you some intriguing insight into how the park operates.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

This amusement park is designed to bring you into magical fantasy land. Visitors will discover many of Disney’s most iconic characters strolling through the park, like Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh. Besides this, there are a handful of rides to enjoy while here which range from a journey through a haunted mansion to one that spins you around in teacups. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is broken up into different sections each focusing on a specific theme, including a classic Americana area and a futuristic part. There is a special After Hours feature allowing guests to tour the park during the evening.

Disneyland, California

Built in 1955, Disneyland was the first of Walt Disney’s famous theme parks. Situated in Anaheim, the park features a handful of different lands for guests to explore. This includes Adventure land, Critter Country, Toon town, Tomorrow land, and Main Street USA. While it’s always adding new rides and events, visitors can still experience many of its classic attractions such as its Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.

You’ll also find characters you can meet, like Aurora and Darth Vader. Disneyland has a handful of hotels guests can stay at which is located within the park, many of which feature fun themes.


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