Beware! Sensual midnight messages might be a honey trap

An anonymous sensual message at midnight may even lure a rational person into a trap meticulously set by a woman and her accomplices in order to blackmail the victim.

Gangs luring businessmen, doctors and other professionals into a honey trap appear to be spreading their tentacles in Delhi and the national capital region (NCR) in India. 

The menace has grown to an extent that earlier this week even the Delhi HC took stringent note of honey trapping incidents and asked the Delhi Police Commissioner to submit a report within four weeks regarding such cases.

In a recent case the Ghaziabad police arrested a man and a woman for honey trapping at least 20 people from Delhi-NCR.

The professionalism of the gang was evident when the Ghaziabad police recovered a police uniform from them.

The gang used to lure wealthy businessmen and well-heeled professionals after approaching them through Facebook.

After a series of sensual audio chats, the woman invited the target to a flat in Raj Nagar Extension. As soon as the two got into a compromising position, the other gang members barged in, wearing a police uniform along with a woman gang member.

They took photographs of the two and the not just took away all the money from the victim but also blackmailed and extorted money with this modus operandi.

The racket seems to exploit the vulnerable victim’s fear of loss of reputation as many do not even approach the police and end up paying extortion amounts to the honey trap gangs. (Source:

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