Biden, Modi agree to enhance India-US ties

New Delhi: US President Joe Biden told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he is committed to making America’s partnership with India among the closest on earth, saying there is so much that the two countries can and will do together.

He said he was pleased that the two countries have reached an agreement for the US Development Finance Corporation to continue this important work in India, supporting vaccine production, and clean energy initiatives.

I am glad that we are renewing the Indo-US Vaccine Action Program,” he said. “There is so much that our countries can and will do together. I am committed to making the US-India partnership among the closest we have on earth,” Biden said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the strategic partnership between India and the US is a “true partnership of trust”.

“Our shared values, and our common interests in many areas, including security, have strengthened the bonds of this trust,” he said in his opening remarks during a bilateral meeting between the two nations on the sidelines of the Quad Summit in Tokyo.

“Mr President, it is always a pleasure meeting you, We participated in a positive and useful Quad Summit together today. I am confident that with the launch of the India-USA Investment Incentive Agreement, we can see concrete progress in days to come,” Modi told US President Joe Biden.

“I am confident that the friendship of India and the US will continue to be a force for good for global peace and stability, for the sustainability of the planet, and for the well-being of mankind,” Modi added.

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