Biden prepares to take White House as Trump goes to SCOTUS

Washington: In clockwork fashion, President-elect Joe Biden is pushing ahead with the transition work before his inauguration on January 20 even as President Trump and his allies keep mounting challenges to his election, going all the way to the Supreme Court.
Setting up Office of the President-Elect in his hometown of Wilmington, Del, Biden has been announcing every week his cabinet picks and populating his administration as well as drafting policies to implement after taking office. Some of his picks as that of Defense Secretary have sparked controversy, and the Republicans have voiced vociferous opposition to some others they deemed too radical.
Meanwhile, some of the various milestones between the Nov 3 election and the January 20 inauguration have come and gone. December 8 was what is called the Safe Harbor deadline by when federal law requires that Congress recognize the slates of electors chosen by states that have resolved election disputes. That makes the possibility of Trump succeeding in changing any election outcome in states even more of a long shot. On Dec 14, Electors will meet in state capitals to officially cast votes for the President and Vice President based on the popular vote in their states. Biden is set to defeat Trump 306-232 in the Electoral College based on the certification of election results by states.
Failing to get any traction in the two dozen legal cases against the election results in swing states, Trump and his GOP allies are moving the Supreme Court of the United States seeking to throw out the voting results in four swing states he lost. The lawsuit was announced on Tuesday by the Republican attorney general of Texas  and has been joined by 17 other red states. Trump has falsely claimed he won re-election and has made baseless allegations of widespread voting fraud. Election officials at the state level have said they have found no evidence of such fraud.
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