Biden rallies Democrats as GOP pushes him toward 1st veto

Baltimore: President Joe Biden implored House Democrats on Wednesday to go out and sell the accomplishments of the last two years to voters, rallying the lawmakers at a time when their party is confronting the limits of its power in a newly divided Washington.

Biden’s speech comes as energized Republicans are forcing the initial veto of his presidency — on a measure to limit the way private financial advisers promote “woke” investment options. That confrontation and others are signs of how bipartisanship is giving way to a new era of oversight, investigations and conflict.

“By sticking together we got a lot done,” Biden told Democratic lawmakers at their annual retreat in Baltimore.

“If we did nothing — nothing — but implement what we’ve already passed and let the people know who did it for them, we win,” Biden said. “But we’re way beyond that. It’s not just about winning.”

Touting their accomplishments — a massive infrastructure bill and a sweeping climate, tax and health care package — Biden promised his administration will help Democrats implement them in communities across the nation.

“We’re going to finish the job,” he said.

Introducing Biden, House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York hailed “a phenomenal track record of accomplishment.”

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