Biden should not debate Trump unless….

New York: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is urging Joe Biden not to participate in the three upcoming debates with President Trump unless the president agrees to “two conditions”.  In his column last week, Friedman said the “conditions” should be that Trump must release his tax returns from 2016 to 2018, and that both campaigns should agree on having a “real-time fact-checking team” hired by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates.

The columnist suggested “10 minutes before the scheduled conclusion of the debate, this team report on any misleading statements, phony numbers or outright lies either candidate had uttered. That way no one in that massive television audience can go away easily misled.”

“Debates always have ground rules. Why can’t telling the truth and equal transparency on taxes be conditions for this one?” Friedman asked.

The Times columnist said the debates will not be a “good way” for Biden to “reintroduce himself” to the American people — particularly during the coronavirus outbreak when the former vice president has largely hunkered down in his Delaware home instead of being out on the campaign trail.

“He should not go into such a high-stakes moment ceding any advantages to Trump,” Friedman wrote. “Trump is badly trailing in the polls, and he needs these debates much more than Biden does to win over undecided voters.

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