Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America celebrates Holi

New Jersey: Bihar Jharkhand Association of North American (BJANA) celebrated Holi, one of its trademark events at Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey. More than 550 people from the Bihar and Jharkhand diaspora attended the event. This gathering of members from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut is a signature event for the BJANA family.   

Doctor Ashish Jha, Covid 19 Response coordinator and Assistant to US President, was the event’s chief guest, and Randhir Jaiswal, Consul General, was the guest of honor for this mega event. Dr. Jha thanked the BJANA team for inviting him and wished the crowd that this holiday season would bring success and growth to everyone’s lives.  

The Consul general appreciated the work done by BJANA to promote Made in Bihar products ‘Biharika’ and Made in Jharkhand products ‘Jharcraft’ and tourism during the event.  

Dr. Ramjee Prasad Scientist from Denmark,  Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Awardee, Dr. Sujal Singh, Dr. Archana Narain, and Mr. Mohan from TEAM Aid were also honored for their outstanding contributions to society during the event. 

Anurag Kumar, the president of BJANA, addressed the audience and shared BJANA fundraising efforts and its social/charitable program like US Kids Teaching the Kids in Bihar and Jharkhand, promoting tourism and business opportunity.  

Images courtesy of (Image provided) and Gunjesn Desai

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