Biswal, Sonal Shah implore Indian Americans to support Biden-Harris

By Surekha Vijh

Washington DC: The virtual event of Indians for Biden National Council on Sept 19 featured former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Nisha Desai Biswal, Biden Unity Task Force Economic Policy Advisor Sonal R. Shah and entrepreneur Anand R. Shah.

They all emphasized Indian American community’s rising profile within a span of two decades.  “Now it was time to ensure that their vote did count in November election,” Biswal stated while talking about the high stakes for the  community.

Anand Shah asked the community to come forward and give whatever support they could.

Sonal Shah said the Biden-Harris administration will side with immigrants and ethnic diversity. She felt it was great for the country to have recognized Senator Harris’s contribution, and the opportunity it presented to further cement the Indian American community’s support for the Democratic Party,

The Indians for Biden National Council is mobilizing the community in support of Biden-Harris ticket and other down ballot Democrats.

The council was launched by ‘South Asians for Biden’, a national, grassroots umbrella organization on August 15. Sanjeev Joshipura is the council director.

According to Joshipura the Council intended to educate the community about Biden’s long history of supporting India and the Indian Americans, “as well as educate voters about Senator Harris’s illustrious career in public service, and highlighting herIndian heritage.”

Some other speaker at the event included Neha Dewan, National Director of South Asians for Biden.

Image courtesy of (Biden campaign)

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