‘BJP could even sell Taj Mahal’: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Aadmi Party over rising unemployment in the country as he hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not speaking a word about it.

While addressing a rally in Jungpura in south Delhi, both the Prime Minister and Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal cannot resolve the biggest issue facing the country even though several countries are ready to invest in India.

He asked whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi fulfilled his promise of providing jobs to two crore youth of the country.

“Do you remember that promise? Have they got those jobs? What has the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal do in Delhi to alleviate unemployment?” he asked.

Campaigning for the Delhi Assembly elections has intensified with the date of election inching closer, which is on February 8.

The Congress leader then went on to ask who brought in demonetization and Goods and Service Tax and whether it helped the people.

This is the first time the Congress leader is canvassing for his party for the February 8 Delhi assembly elections.

Prime Minister Modi gave a good slogan of Made in India but did not put up one factory in the country, he alleged.

“They are selling everything – Indian Oil, Air India, Hindustan Petroleum, railways and even Red Fort. They may even sell the Taj Mahal,” he added.

“If Made in India is implemented, two crore youth of the country will get jobs every year. But Narendra Modiji and Arvind Kejriwal are not interested in that. All they want to do is to make people fight against each other and grab power,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said most of the countries, like the US, Japan, Australia, England and Italy, sent their companies to China but are worried that it is not going to help them anymore.

“But they are now looking at India. They are looking at the youth of India and have one question for them? Can you stand up to China? Can you do Make in India?” The whole world is asking,” he said.

Image courtesy of IANS

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