BJP has made politics of appeasement redundant

BJP has brought development to the center stage of political discourse: Bhupender Yadav

New Delhi: Union Minister Bhupender Yadav and economist Ila Patnaik have together authored a book titled The Rise of the BJP: The Making of the World’s Largest Political Party. The book traces the BJP’s history from being just an idea in the minds of Jana Sangh leaders to its position as the country’s most preeminent party.


Bhupender Yadav talked to The South Asian Times about his new book. Here are the excerpts of the conversation:


TSAT: How is BJP today is different from when you joined it as a student in Ajmer?


Yadav: Back then, we were unhappy with the way Congress was running the country. Corruption was rampant and we were deeply concerned about the future of the country. In terms of change, our leaders have changed because our democratic traditions do not allow for monopolization. We believe newer, younger faces should be given more responsibilities.


TSAT: How does the BJP represent the aspirations of young India?


Yadav: We have dared to solve complex problems like the Kashmir issue, which many had begun to think will always be a matter of status quo. We have made the politics of appeasement redundant. We have the fastest-growing economy in the world. We are encouraging Startups India, Skill India, and many such programs to ensure our youth from all sections of the society get the opportunities long denied to them because of corruption and vote bank politics.


TSAT: What can an ordinary reader learn from the book?


Yadav: This book is BJP’s story right from the Jana Sangh days. It is a journey that has changed the political landscape of India. The book will run its readers through how this happened, what was the history of this party, what were the stories along the way, who were the people who helped bring this momentous transformation. It will dispel many lies and half-truths spread about the party.


TSAT: What paradigm of Indian politics has been changed forever by the BJP?


Yadav: BJP has shown that it is possible to run a political party in a democratic way without compromising ideology, without making it a family enterprise, and without doing vote bank politics. BJP has brought development to the center stage of political discourse. We are not afraid of taking tough decisions like abrogating Article 370, making Triple Talaq unlawful or increasing women’s minimum age for marriage.


TSAT: Do you think BJP has the answer to the economic question?


Yadav: It is owing to the resilience, unlimited talent and innovative mindset of our people that we could get on top of the situation in no time by boosting our manufacturing skills. At the same time, we think global. Ours is not an inward-looking approach but a determination to unleash our full potential to innovate.


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