BJP has no competition in 2024: Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home minister Amit Shah exuded confidence that the BJP will return for a third consecutive term in power in 2024, asserting that no other party poses a threat to the saffron outfit.

“I believe that there is no competition in the 2024 elections, the country is wholeheartedly moving forward with PM Modi,” said Shah in an interview to news agency ANI.

Even as the Congress and other emerging parties are jostling for the pole position of principal opposition party, Shah said that the public has not given this status to any political outfit.

In Tripura, where assembly elections are slated to be held on February 16, Shah declared that the ruling BJP will cross the majority mark before noon.

Shah was upbeat about the BJP prospects in states going to the polls later this year, including Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. He said the central government’s schemes have effectively reached the grassroots, due to which there is a marked positive change in the lives of people.

“BJP will win all four states – Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh,” he said.

Asked about parties and governments being in election mode frequently due to the timing of polls, the BJP heavyweight said PM Modi has talked about holding one election right from the Panchayat level to the Parliament.

“I think the time has come to give this (one nation, one election) a thought,” he said.

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