BJP-led ruling alliance retains majority in Assam

Guwahati: The ruling BJP-led alliance, which returned to power in Assam for the second consecutive term, secured 11 seats less than the 2016 assembly polls.

The BJP, the dominant partner of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), bagged 60 seats, similar to what it got five years ago. The NDA went on to finally win 75 seats in the 126 member assembly.

The BJP did not project anyone as its chief ministerial candidate this time unlike in 2016 when the party’s campaign revolved around the “happiness” that Sarbananda Sonowal would ensure.

From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to BJP’s national president Jagat Prasad Nadda, everyone had during election rallies made a conscious effort to give equal importance to Sonowal and Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, seen as the chief architect of the two consecutive electoral victories for the party and its allies.

Sonowal and Sarma chose not to comment on who would be in the hot seat. “The ball is in the court of our central leadership,” the latter said.

Image courtesy of (Sarbananda Sonowal/Facebook)

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