Bobby Chawla gets squatters acquitted after 22 month long fight

New York: An Indian-origin man has heaved a sigh of relief after two squatters finally moved out of his New York house, following a legal battle of more than 22 months.

Bobby Chawla had bought the 1,536-square-foot home on Friendly Lane in Jericho in a bank auction in February 2022 but was unable to move in because Barry and Barbara Pollack refused to leave the property.

Chawla claims to have shelled out more than $85,000 so far to keep up with taxes, mortgage payments and other bills, while the alleged squatters live in his house.

Barry Pollack, 72, was also caught on video telling Chawla’s parents from India to “go back to Pakistan”.

The accused squatters had originally bought the house in 1990 for $255,000 but stopped paying their mortgage by 2006 due to financial constraints.

The home ended up in a bank auction after the couple was sued for foreclosure in 2008 and dragged the case out for more than a decade, according to court papers.

The couple then began filing “skeleton” and “frivolous” bankruptcies, seven in total, to stop the bank from taking over the house, records showed. The federal bankruptcy judge barred the Pollacks from further filings last week, and the couple finally left the house on December 22.

“It feels like a Christmas miracle, I can’t believe it,” Chawla said.

Image courtesy of NDTV

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