Boost the Odds of MBA Acceptance

Getting into business school isn’t easy, so it’s understandable for prospective students to worry about their odds of acceptance to top MBA programs. One way to address these concerns, experts suggest, is to strengthen your admissions profile before you apply to business school. Here are a few ways experts recommend transforming you into a more compelling MBA applicant.

Do some serious introspection

Experts say the most impressive MBA applicants are self-aware enough to identify their strengths and weaknesses, describe their dream career, and explain how B-school will help them succeed.

Show your potential

Experts advise applicants to have evidence to back up their resumes and a series of compelling success stories, including about obstacles they have overcome.

Ask yourself whom you admire

One way for prospective MBA applicants to discover their professional calling is to think about jobs they might enjoy and look for people who are accomplished within those roles, experts say.

Find ways to contribute to the world

MBA admissions experts urge applicants to remember that their grades and test scores aren’t the only factors that matter. Having a positive influence on a company or community is one-way applicants can convince MBA admissions committees that they’re worthy of admission, and career success can compensate for lackluster grades or unimpressive test scores, experts say.

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