Brahmacharya Reservations about Service vs Seva by Women

By Bal Ram Singh, PhD

Democracy is a strange thing, it is wonderful that it gives people a voice, yet it takes away one’s uniqueness by uniformalizing people for voting purposes. Uniqueness is the best example of the creativity of Brahma, who creates this world according to its nature, and there are no two things which are the same or identical.

The conduct (or acharan) of Brahma is the most telling example of brahmacharya. A brahmacharya practicing individual will always be pursuing unique creativity, and would never be satisfied with things bestowed upon by anyone.

Mothers are the ones who can come closest to Brahma. The second closest are the teachers. And, the last ones if ever come anywhere close to Brahma are the politicians. If you want to spoil a child, build wealth by hook or crook for and transfer to him, if you want to degrade a society, give students good grades without expecting hard work, and if you want to enslave a society, give them reservation in jobs without making them efforts to prove their worth.

Justice is critical in any society, and if the reservations are the last resort for justice, then one has to demonstrate what other resorts have been used to impart brahmacharya into the young minds, and exactly what and who failed, so that a redressal can be designed. Further, If reservations are such great ideas, let’s begin with sports, film roles, and military!

There is a good enough scientific reason to randomly assign people whatever job and family, as the DNA of any two people on Earth is 99.6 percent identical. But 0.4 percent variation represents about 12 million base pairs, which can explain many of the differences between individuals, especially if the changes lie in key genes.

There are no two people the same, from the past to the future, such is the uniqueness of the diversity of nature. Each of us are different in our genomics, face, thumbprint, walk, talk, tongue print, epigenetics, gene expressions, thoughts, inclinations, and more. Fairness and equity is important, but reservations take away any chance  and all choices to develop our traits.

Buying into the enticement of the politicians who have the lowest discerning intellect is to invite disaster dawning on ourselves in the name of democracy. Women particularly are the most creative between the two genders, due to their right brain ability and usage, and must play a major role as such in the society.

While democracy is a great tradition, it’s more creative form has been in practice in India since very ancient times. All the segments of the society can and should play cooperatively active roles. A point to be made would be to state that India is not the mother of modern democracy we run in that country, it may actually be the maid of democracy. America is the mother of modern democracy, which many great people like Ambedkar, Nehru, and other educated class, plagiarized to have a claim to fame. As for running the houses. Even the mother of democracy, America, inherited it from the local Iroquois tribe, where women used to make rules and appoint army chiefs.

As for the parliament houses, it should be entirely run by women, as was the practice with the grandmother of democracy, the Iroquois tribe of America! It is another thing that for some of our sisters, they may be coming out of the households to get hold of two parliament houses, which  may still need the skills of running the household.

Sharing a personal story  to conclude. My postdoc advisor, Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Dasgupta, a very successful scientist internationally at the University of Wisconsin -Madison, invited me to his office one day, and narrated a metaphorical story of a captain commanding a beautiful ship. As he was getting more experienced and senior the captain was on a lookout for a successor. After an intense and long search he found a young man (in this case) who could command the ship as good or better. Then Dr. DasGupta took a pause, looked at me, and said – I have built this ship of great research enterprise, and have concluded that you could be the next captain.

I was humbled, pleased, and grateful to what his perceived confidence in my abilities taught me, as I had had a decent number of differences with him during my 3+ years stint in his research group. I told him that I was so happy to see his assessment of my competence to command his commendable research enterprise. However, I said, “I certainly would like to command a ship, but that would be something I would like to build my own”. In other words, practice my own brahmacharya!!

That was the end of conversation, and here I am with my own ship of enterprise that holds an annual Dr BR Dasgupta Lecture to recognize international scholars in appreciation of DasGupta’s confidence and contribution to my professional life.

I suspect women will be one group from a substantial group and will openly reject reservations for them!

Balram Singh is a Professor and the President of the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, researching Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic education, and Vedic social and political traditions. He is also an adjunct faculty at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times  

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