Britain Gets Another Prime Minister, But For How Long?

Rishi Sunak, as you’ve probably heard, is the new prime minister of the United Kingdom. With support from about 200 members of the Conservative Party, Sunak is expected to lead Britain at least until his next haircut.

If it’s a bad one, who knows what might happen?

Sunak is so confident that he is even moving his entire collection of hair grooming products into 10 Downing Street. They’ll occupy a special room on the third floor of the Prime Minister’s official residence, beside the room for his skin lotions.

Sunak is taking over from Liz Truss, who was Britain’s prime minister during an entire episode of “Coronation Street.” President Joe Biden was still composing his congratulatory letter to her when she resigned.

Sunak has the distinction of being Britain’s first non-white prime minister, youngest prime minister in 200 years, and richest prime minister ever. How rich is he? He’s so rich that his pet dog, Nova, has her own iPhone and regularly orders chicken tikka masala through DoorDash.

His grandparents emigrated from India, his parents were born in East Africa and Sunak himself was born in Southampton, England. Many Indians are happy to see a man of Indian descent become prime minister of India’s colonial ruler, as a BBC correspondent found out.

BBC correspondent: “I’m here on the streets of New Delhi where people are very excited. In fact, there were massive fireworks as soon as Sunak was announced as Prime Minister. People were dancing and having a parade.”

Delhi man (interrupting): “Those fireworks were not for Sunak! They were for Diwali!”

Correspondent: “I’ve been corrected. The fireworks were for Diwali. The dancing was for Sunak!”

Delhi man: “No, that was for Diwali, too!”

Correspondent: “What about the parade?”

Delhi man: “For Diwali, too!”

Correspondent: “Did you do anything for Sunak?”

Delhi man: “Yes, I ate an extra jamun for him.”

Correspondent: “There you have it! Indians are celebrating Rishi Sunak in the sweetest way possible.”

Image courtesy of Photo by Rory Arnold / No 10 Downing Street

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