British Indian writer Suk Pannu on his series ‘Mrs Sidhu Investigates’

The new series ‘Mrs Sidhu Investigates’ has turned out to be a success on Acorn TV. The four-episode series, which features Award-winning actress Meera Syal in the title role of a widow with a teenage son, concluded its first season on October 9.

Suk Pannu is credited as the writer of all four 90-minute episodes. He also serves as one of the executive producers of the show. For the uninitiated, Pannu adapted the show from his popular BBC Four radio show of the same name that ran for two seasons in the UK

Talking about the adaptation, he says, “Radio is wonderful but tells a story in a different way. TV, you want to see it all. It has to be on the surface. That was a learning curve for me to adapt these characters to a more visual format.”

When asked about the second season of the series, the writer said, “I was dreaming about Season 2 before I even solved the first one. That’s all we do: sit in sheds and dream.”

He further added, “I don’t know whether we’ll get Season 2. Fingers crossed, of course. We’ve had great support from Monumental Television, our producers, ACORN UK, ACORN US, and AMC, so we are hopeful. We would love to do more. The season ends with a little shift in the relationship with Mrs. Sidhu and Burton. It would be nice to develop what’s going on there and with the other returning characters. I think there’s a lot to build on. It would be interesting to weave some of those stories into what is the most important thing, which is the story of the week.”

All episodes of ‘Mrs Sidhu Investigates’ Season 1 are available to stream now on Acorn TV USA and in the UK, it arrives on digital and DVD on 30 October.

Image courtesy of X@TrojanSingh

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