BRUHUD New York Seniors host seminar by Mrs. Jaya Row

BRUHUD New York Seniors held a seminar on April 27, 2023, by Mrs. Jaya Row, one of the world’s most influential speakers on Indian philosophy, Vedanta. She’s a well-loved spiritual leader whose expositions on Vedanta touch the mind and uplift the intellect.
Blessed with a global vision and unparalleled knowledge of the scriptures, Jaya Row has the incredible ability to reach out to individuals of all nationalities, sects, and faiths.  Backed by her corporate experience and 40 years of research on Vedanta, she motivates her audiences to live successful and happy lives. Clarity, wit, and zeal are the hallmarks of her presentation. 

Mrs. Jaya Row has gained international recognition, having spoken at prestigious forums such as the World Economic Forum Davos, World Bank, Princeton University, Washington University, and others. 

She has also been invited by leading corporate organizations like – Apple, Google, Intel, Visa, MasterCard, KPMG, Coco Cola Company, Ernst& Young Austin, Shell London, and many more. 

“We are delighted to have Mrs. Jaya Row come and share her knowledge and wisdom on what we can do to improve our lives in this fast-paced world,” BRUHUD Seniors said in a press release.  

Mrs. Jaya Row explained in basic terms how Karma, Life, and Beyond affect every individual at every step of the way.  Any action today will somehow tie into a reaction at some point in life.  She vibrantly shared how there are things that are predestined, but then there are other things that open the ability for you to chart your own course.  

The attendees benefited from her various examples and scenarios.  In the end, each walked away with something to take back on how and what one can do to change one’s outlook and become a better human being.   

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