Budding artists should strike balance between music, glam: Raja Kumari

Hip-hop artist Raja Kumari, who recently performed ‘Pasoori’ with Pakistani music star Ali Sethi at the Coachella music festival, has released her fourth independent album called ‘The Bridge’ which consists of 9 songs. She has shared her view on singers adopting a hybrid performance style and choosing to lip-sync the majority of the parts of a song.

Commenting on it, Raja Kumari said, “I would encourage more people to focus on the musicality of things so we can become better performers to be on international stages. We should not just focus on the glitz and glam, India has been known for being a centre of arts and music for thousands of years, so let’s not let that go”.

While Raja has given food for thought to many budding artistes, she is also focusing on building infrastructure and music education. She is writing a songwriter’s manual to help those blessed with the gift of the gab to get better at their game. She is even working on some other exciting projects which she should talk about soon.

The rapper, who released ‘The Bridge’ under her own music label, Godmother Records, mentioned, “Reward excellence. There can be space for people who want to go in for hybrid performances, but let’s know the difference.”

Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy: Twitter@TheRajaKumari)

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