Canada needs to address growing Hinduphobia seriously: MP Chandra Arya

Ram Mandir in Mississauga became the latest Hindu temple target of hate crime by anti-Hindu and anti-India groups.

Speaking in the parliament, Canadian Indian Member of Parliament/Député – Nepean Chandra Arya condemned the attacks and asked the government to take up the issue seriously. “It is with pain and anguish that I state the Ram Mandir, a Hindu temple in Mississauga has become the latest target of hate crime.

In recent times other Hindu temples across Canada have been targets of hate crimes by anti-Hindu and anti-India groups.

These groups first joined hands-on social media targeting Hindu-Canadians and starting the trend of Hinduphobia.

Now they have moved on to physical attacks on Hindu temples.

There are reports that individual Hindu-Canadians also being targeted.

As I have said before, Canada needs to take the issue seriously and address the growing Hinduphobia.

As Canadians we practice, celebrate and share our many different religious faiths and heritage peacefully and let us all pledge to continue to do so.

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