Canadian lawmaker Chandra Arya flags Khalistani threat to temple, urges government to ‘step in’

An Indian-origin parliamentarian in Canada has asked the Justin Trudeau-led government to take action against the frequent hate crimes targeting Canadian Hindus in the country.  

The statement by Chandra Arya came as a Khalistani group threatened to take its protests to the Hindu Laxmi Narayan temple in Surrey on November 26, just a week after some Khalistani supporters verbally abused a Sikh family outside a gurdwara.  

Taking to social media, Arya said that “like a broken record”, he is “again asking the Canadian authorities to step in and take action”.  

“Last week, Khalistan supporters verbally abused a Sikh family outside a Sikh Gurdwara in Surrey, British Colombia, according to some reports. Now it appears the same Khalistan group wants to create trouble at the Hindu Laxmi Narayan Mandir in Surrey,” he wrote in a post on X on Tuesday.  

“All these are being done in the name of freedom of speech and expression. Like a broken record, I am again asking the Canadian authorities to step in and take action. Hindu temples have been attacked many times during the last couple of years,” he added. “Hate crimes are being committed against Hindu Canadians. Allowing these things to continue to be done openly and publicly is not acceptable,” he further said. 

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