Carnegie Corporation of NY honors two Indian Americans

New York: The Carnegie Corporation of New York released its annual list of Great Immigrants, honoring 38 naturalized citizens who have enriched and strengthened our nation and our democracy through their contributions and actions. Each Fourth of July since 2006, the philanthropic foundation has invited Americans to celebrate these exemplary individuals by participating in its online tribute “Great Immigrants, Great Americans.”

This year, the Corporation is highlighting the work of millions of immigrants who are playing an essential role in the global health crisis as COVID-19 responders. A third of the honorees are helping the recovery by serving as nurses and doctors, as well as scientists who are striving to find effective treatments and a vaccine. The list also includes clergy and community leaders who are providing food and vital services to those in need. Overall, the 2020 Great Immigrants represent 35 countries of origin and a wide range of contributions to American life, from human rights and computer science to art, business, education, health care, journalism, music, politics, religion, research, and sports.

Among the COVID-19 responders are two Indian Americans.

Raj Chetty, Harvard University economist launched a real-time data tracker to measure the economic impact of the pandemic and assisted decision-makers as they implemented new public policies.
Physician and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee used his communication skills to educate the public and build awareness about COVID-19 through forums and his widely read essays.

“Millions of brave Americans responded with selflessness and urgency to COVID-19, including immigrants, who represent one out of six nurses and one out of four physicians. Their contributions to health care, biomedicine, the nation’s food system, and many other critically important sectors are immeasurable,” said Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation of New York. “We express our admiration and gratitude to the COVID-19 responders and researchers, and to all Great Immigrants. They have come from different backgrounds, and have pursued different worthwhile goals, but collectively, they have shared a desire to become citizens and have made our democratic society stronger. For all of their efforts, we salute them.”

Raj Chetty

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