Carroll “Golden Day” Voter Registration Bill Signed into Law by Governor Hochul

Brooklyn, NY: Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D/WF-Brooklyn) announced today that his “Golden Day” Legislation (A.6132) was signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul. 

This legislation is part of Assemblymember Carroll’s ongoing effort to modernize and improve New York’s voting system. This includes a bill to allow the Board of Elections to count absentee ballots prior to election day (A.7931), a bill that prevents voters from having their ballots invalidated because they mistakenly appeared in the wrong polling place and filled out an affidavit ballot (A.642), and a bill reducing the 25-day deadline for voter registration to the constitutional minimum of 10 days (A.8858). Each of these bills have also been signed into law by Governor Hochul and help to bring New York State’s voting system more in line with best practices from many other states. 

The enactment of this bill created a scenario where the voter registration deadline now overlaps with the first day of early voting. The “Golden Day” legislation further improves New York State’s voting system by establishing a mechanism for allowing New Yorkers to both register at an early voting site on the first day of early voting and cast a ballot, all in one visit. Eligible people who appear on the first Saturday of early voting can use same-day voter registration procedures, without the need for additional steps. An unregistered eligible person must first be offered the opportunity to complete a registration affidavit and then can cast an affidavit ballot. 

“One of my legislative priorities as a State Assemblymember has always been to ensure that New York follows established best practices to allow every voter in the state the appropriate mechanisms to exercise their right to vote,” said Assemblymember Carroll. “This bill builds upon my previous legislation to reform New York’s antiquated voting laws and provides a blueprint for further improvement in the future.” 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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