Cartoon character masks and online birthday parties in pandemic era

Poonam Jhunjhunwala, 11, from Kolkata is busy going through cartoon character masks for her upcoming online birthday party. As she checks the masks, her mother identifies dresses that she can wear for the bash. The novel coronavirus lockdown has forced people to stay indoors but it has not stopped kids from celebrating an online birthday bash.

“Next week, I have to attend my friend’s birthday party, online. So, I need a new dress and I bought these 3-4 masks. I am wearing one right now. I have kept two masks for my friends because I want to gift it to them,” Poonam told India Today Television.

The kids visited stores in Kolkata only to buy such masks. “My favorite characters are Tom and Jerry and I like these masks because they are very colorful,” Poonam added.

Her mother Pragya Jhunjhunwala said, “Such masks were required to encourage kids especially because masks are now a part of our lifestyle. We cannot compromise on the safety of our kids and if we make masks a part of their lifestyle, they will never think of not wearing it. Now, it is very important to make kids wear the masks. So, in an online party, everyone will be wearing some colourful masks. It will be quite exciting.”

“I have seen that with plain masks, she gets bored. She doesn’t want to keep wearing them again and again. I was trying to make it a practice so that when her school reopens, she develops a habit of wearing them by then. When I came here to buy her a new dress, I saw a lot of cartoon character masks. So, I asked her if she would like to wear them. She was very excited. So, I decided to purchase it for her and she is also wearing the one matching with her dress. I am very glad that I have purchased these masks,” she added

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