Cases of human magnetism reported in India post vaccination

Multiple cases of human magnetism have been reported from across the country with the latest being a 66-year-old woman from Barasat, which is in Bengal’s North 24 Parganas.

While most of the affected said this sudden phenomenon has happened after they took two doses of vaccine, medical bodies throughout the country, however, debunked the theory.

 Anima Naskar (66) has developed magnetism and metallic items are getting stuck on her body. Unlike many others, she does not blame it on the vaccine but states that since it was on news, her son experimented with her. But in her case, it turned out to be positive.

“I saw on TV that someone in North Bengal has faced similar problems. The man claimed that he has developed this issue post completion of two doses of vaccine. Since I was also done with both the jabs, my son tried sticking coins on my hand and it worked,” said Anima Naskar to India Today TV.

Naskar’s son, Sandeep, stated he would be visiting the local government’s health department in the evening and get it reported. Neither the son nor Naskar blame it on the vaccine, however, they are both curious to know the reason behind it.

“I am not blaming the vaccine, but it is a fact that vaccines were developed fast. Maybe some reaction has occurred with some individuals. Application of talcum powder is dropping these metals from her body,” said Sandeep.

When Anima was asked if she was getting scared of human magnetism, she laughed and said ‘no’.

“I am not afraid at all, just curious to know what is the reason behind this phenomenon,” said a smiling Anima Naskar to India Today TV.

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