“Celebration of Service” – A community outreach program

By Mizan Rahman 

A community outreach program “Celebration of Service” was hosted by a prominent Bangladeshi-American couple from Long Island, Rahat Hossain and Zaki Hossain at the Levittown Hall in Hicksville, NY, this past Sunday. Four local amateur artists displayed their artwork at the event. Representatives from several local NGOs showcased and presented their organizations and the philanthropic/charitable/community activities they render serving the greater community here in the United States as well as in Bangladesh.  

During the cultural session, among others the Shilpangon group performed at the event. Guest musician, Dr. Salahuddin Ahmed (Tareq), Ph.D., from NJ also performed live. Prominent Bangladeshi immigrant, a healthcare leader, community activist, and prestigious Ellis Island Award winner, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed (Sadek) from PA was among the guests who traveled from far and wide to make the event a successful one.  

The program was moderated by Dr. Syeda Hossain (Mou) and presided over by Mr. Zaki Hossain. Well attended and entertained with delicious snacks, tea, and dinner the audience appreciated and enjoyed the event.  

The art and craft were displayed by four self-made local Bangladeshi-American artists, Dr. Nasrin Khan, Dr. Parvin Rahman, Ph.D., Ms. Shahper Khan, and the youngest, representing the new generation, Anika Talib.  

Representatives from many local and international charitable organizations presented their activities. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Ph.D., presented Rotary eClub of Heritage, NY and Rotary International’s mission and worldwide charity projects.  

Image courtesy of Provided

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