Celebration of Unity in Diversity

Kanchana Poola  

We are very proud to be celebrating India’s 76th Independence Day.

India achieved freedom led by Mahatma Gandhi with his principles of non-violence. I would like to proudly add that the first tricolor flag that was hoisted at the Red Fort in New Delhi and in Madras (now Chennai) by the state government was woven by one of my husband Jagadeesan Poola’s relative named Mr. R. Venkatachalam, the owner of Hindustan Fabrication at our hometown of Gudiyattam in Vellore District.

Our tricolor should be displayed in every home in India and Indian homes outside as it unites all of us without prejudice of religion and language. India@75 is self-reliant in many ways but needs to go much further.

The celebration of the 75th anniversary of India’s independence brings pride and joy to all Indians at home and across the globe.

Happy 76th to every one of Indian origin.

(Kanchana Poola is a well-known philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Tamil community leader based in New York.)

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