Census PUSH WEEK created to drive self-response rates

Counties and major cities will compete in a regional challenge during Census PUSH WEEK to determine who can PUSH a greater self-response rate between July 27-August 2. The primary goal of PUSH Week is to increase 2020 Census self-response rates via local activities, parades, social messaging campaigns, and Census Mobile Questionnaire Assistance events prior to the August 11 start of extensive Census Non-Response Follow-Up operations.

Community leaders and Census partners have done a great job promoting the message that completing the 2020 Census is safe, easy, and important. Currently, Richmond County leads the city of New York with a rate of more than 58 percent, but the Census PUSH Week winners will be based upon the rate of increase over the course of the entire week. Therefore, Kings county at 50 percent and Queens County at 53 percent have an opportunity to lead the way if communities provide a strong PUSH. 

It is important to note that residents may still self-respond to the 2020 Census at any point prior to the October 31 deadline.

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