Ceremony of Mahavir Jayanti at the residence of Union Minority Minister

The philosophy of non-violence of Lord Mahavir is even more relevant today – Naqvi 

Bhagwan Mahavir Birth Anniversary ceremony was organized at the residence of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of Minority Affairs, Government of India in the holy presence of eminent Jainacharya Dr. Lokeshji, the founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati, wherein Peace Ambassador Dame Munni Irone from the USA, eminent and senior litterateur Jaya Jadwani, senior dignitaries of Jain society such as Subhash Oswal, Rajiv Jain (CA), Kamal Jain, Manoj Jain were present. On this occasion, World Peace Ambassador Jain Acharya Dr Lokeshji announced the establishment of the ‘World Peace Center’ based on the principles and ideals of Lord Mahavir in Delhi NCR-Gurugram. Acharyashri said that on April 17, the construction work of this center would be started with the ‘Foundation Laying Ceremony’ in Sector-39, Gurugram and the construction work of this center would be completed in about 18 months. Through this center, the teachings of Lord Mahavir will be spread all over the world.

While wishing the entire Jain community on Lord Mahavir Jayanti, Naqvi said that the philosophy of non-violence, peace, and harmony of Lord Mahavir is more needed and relevant in the present times than what was needed at that time. The principles of Lord Mahavir are also valid from a scientific point of view. By following the path shown by him, we can build a healthy, prosperous and happy society. Further, Naqvi said that the peace-loving Jain community has an important contribution in building the society and Nation. Appreciating the announcement of the World Peace Center by Jain Acharya Dr. Lokeshji, he said that from this center the message of Lord Mahavir’s non-violence, peace, harmony along with the message of Indian culture and Vasudheva Kutumbakam will also be spread all over the world.

 On this occasion, Peace Ambassador Dame Munni Irone from USA said that Lord Mahavir gave the principle of unity in diversity to remove inequality on the basis of caste, community, religion, color or region and peace can be established across the world by spreading the ideals of Lord Mahavir.

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