Chairman of Statewide Seniors Association endorses Bhagia for Edison Mayor

Dipak Shah, Chairman of the powerful Federation of Indo-American Seniors Associations of North America endorsed Mahesh Bhagia for Edison Mayor on Thursday.

The organization that Shah leads represents over 20,000 strong and vibrant Asian Indian senior citizens who provide significant grass root support. The organization, which is based out of Middlesex County, is the managing body of 20 other senior associations of New jersey.

The core purpose of the association is to develop a consensual, coordinated, and integrated approach to common needs and goals of seniors residing in this region.

“I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse Mahesh Bhagia as the candidate for Mayor of Edison Township,” said Shah, who described Bhagia as “a leader who will put Edison and its residents first.”

“I am grateful for the support of Dipak Shah,” said Mahesh Bhagia. “Our administration is committed to the seniors of Edison. In addition to property tax fairness, one of our main priorities is to promote affordable housing for our seniors.”

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