Chandra Namaskar vs Surya Namaskar

Before we get into the details of the Moon Salutation, let’s compare it to its more famous sister practice – the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara.

The difference between Chandra Namaskar and Surya Namaskar is similar to the difference between yin and yang, feminine and masculine. The Moon Salutation is relaxing whereas the Sun Salutation is energizing.

The Sun Salutation is about heat, light, and activity whereas the Moon Salutation is cooling, receptive, and meditative. Suryanamaskar is practiced in the morning when the sun rises and Chandra Namaskara in the evening when the moon is visible.

During the Sun Salutation practice, you must move from one pose to another quickly, while in the Moon Salutation, the poses are done slowly. Surya Namaskar is older than the Chandra Namaskar. The Moon Salutation came into practice in the late 20th century. Chandra Namaskar is performed fewer times than Suryanamaskar.

The 12 steps of the Surya Namaskara refer to the 12 zodiac signs whereas the 14 poses of the Chandra Namaskara (starting with Pranamasana) represent the 14 lunar phases.

Now, let’s learn how to practice the Moon Salutation.

Image courtesy of (Visual courtesy Sakshi Gupta/Instagram)

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