China is at war with us and the world to be globally dominant

By Ravi Batra

First, let me wish President Donald J. Trump, along with First Lady, Melania, a full and speedy recovery from the Wuhan Virus, which like a criminal, has many aliases: Coronavirus, COVID-19, China virus.


Having been infected in mid-March, I know it to be a unique illness, worthy of the Twilight Zone,  as its effect and consequences are abnormal, and often, surreal. As a biowarfare agent, China deserves full credit for weaponizing protein, as a Wolf Warrior, the virus, and arming it by grafting on it a Frankenstein “Spike Glycoprotein (S),” spliced from bats, a “master key” to get past multiple species’ auto-immune system — like an illegal alien who got through the border with a false American Passport — to cause massive mayhem and destruction. This is many times worse than Pearl Harbor, and we have lost over 210,000 Americans now to less than 1% of the number in 1941.


China is in a state of an undeclared war against us, and most of the world, by its use of biowarfare. Somehow, our leaders here and abroad, used to making money from China, ignore this lethal attack, which is more powerful than nuclear, and refuse to answer China’s First Strike. Appeasement is natural to reasonable people, but ought not be to a single American (sans Benedict Arnolds) who rejoice in singing the Star Spangled Banner — as it was ordinary Americans who kept our Flag flying despite being broken down, repeatedly,  under heavy bombardment at Fort McHenry in 1814. Lawyer Francis Scott Key was moved by ordinary bravery and wrote about it. This election’s vote is every American’s brave act.


The election is on November 3rd. President Trump, despite his many positive accomplishments from criminal justice reform to Middle East peace deals between Israel and UAE and Bahrain, will lose as he — living in a better bubble than Vladimir Putin — got sick, and by getting sick weaponized the Democratic charge against him of being careless and reckless with China Virus, as it is both serious and deadly. Forgotten is that Democrats who admit its severity and China’s obvious sneak attack by deliberate export, have never sought to remove China’s sovereign immunity and hold Communist Party’s China liable for every single death, illness, business that went broke or employee who got fired. The destruction of America has been as if Neutron Bombs carpeted us. I can’t stand leaders who are appeasers!


Still, as hope springs eternal, and as Americans we are hope personified and fly on exceptional wings of separated power, there is still time for POTUS — and we have only one President at a time — to order Mischief Reef in South China Sea destroyed and returned to the ocean floor from whence it came. As I am not a fan of war — not as Mahatma Gandhi was non-violent, as I lack his courage and strength —  I don’t seek an attack on mainland China, even as they have done it to us, as innocents will die or get hurt, and as Americans we are honorable and compassionate and just don’t do that. Still, removing Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s “Jaws of War” from artificial islands to Naval base in Djibouti, to closing the mouth of their underground naval base housing more boats and submarines than any nation, is a humanist minimalist’s Second Strike to China’s un-declared First Strike, which they followed up by ordering their distinguished diplomat, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, to actually weaponize, that which one never does — diplomats to become nasty Wolf Warriors.  China is at war with us, and the world, to be globally dominant. Will we be so dishonest as to deny that simple obvious fact? Or, will we admit it and prove ourselves as a bunch of money-grubbing appeasers?


Nay, I say. Let’s give Defense Secretary Mark Esper his orders, and soon thereafter send the USS Missouri to China to accept CCP China’s Instrument of Surrender. If Mischief Reef is not on the Ocean Floor, know that appeasement is on a slow boat to China, with or without Quad-oars (4 foreign ministers, of US, India, Australia and Japan, met in Japan to discuss China’s hostile acts).


As to POTUS’s publicly treating the Virus lightly, knowing it to be serious, was not wrong. One’s auto-immune system is stronger when happier; and weaker and more susceptible when worried, or worse, paranoid. And, let’s not forget WHO’s Dr. Tedros who breached his high fiduciary duties to independently check China, visit Wuhan Lab, get Patient Zero’s genome, and misled the world to think this was not war by China. Indict him, as we did FIFA for mere monetary corruption; this shameless lunatic has the blood of over one million deaths on his hands – way more blood than Lady Macbeth.


Mr. Trump, honor your solemn  oath now – before November 3rd – to defend the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.

Ravi Batra is eminent attorney, Chair – National Advisory Council for South Asian Affairs, and COVID survivor.


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