Cinema owners in India request government to reopen theaters

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on different financial sectors of the country. However, the cinema sector is the worst hit of the lot since several film releases were put on hold as production work came to an indefinite halt. A day after the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) released the Unlock 4 guidelines, the Multiplex Association of India has requested the government to consider reopening movie theaters across the country.

The Multiplex Association of India kickstarted the movement on Twitter with a tweet that read, “Most countries across the world have allowed cinemas to operate. We request the Govt Of India to allow us to operate as well. We are committed to offering a safe and hygienic cinema experience”.

According to reports, the Hindi film industry has already lost over Rs. 1000 crore owing to the sudden halt due to the lockdown imposed in March. This number is rising each passing day and with the livelihood of so many families at stake, it is only natural for cinema owners to make the demand.

However, it still remains to be a slippery surface for the government as opening of cinemas also puts the risk of the rapid virus  spread.

Image courtesy of (Photo: Filmfare)

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