City of Cerritos honors Acharya Lokeshji

Los Angeles: Eminent Jain Acharya Lokeshji, the founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti, was honored with the Proclamation Certificate of ‘City of Cerritos.’ With this honor, Mayor Chuong Vo honored Acharya Lokesh in presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and actor Vivek Oberoi on the dais of World Peace Dialogue in Los Angeles for his efforts to promote non-violence, peace and harmony in the world. Many eminent personalities and distinguished people of America were present on this occasion.
This honor has been given to Acharya Lokeshji for doing unprecedented work in the field of spreading the message of non-violence, peace, harmony, love, mutual brotherhood across the world.
Acharya Lokesh expressed his gratitude on this occasion and mentioned the increasing incidents of gun violence in America and said that violence and terrorism is not the solution to any problem. Violence gives rise to counter-violence. Through dialogue the solution of every problem is possible. Acharyashri said that the dispute between Ukraine and Russia can also be resolved through dialogue, to eliminate such conflicts, the World Peace Center will prepare 1000 Peace Ambassadors. 

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