Congress has no roadmap for Madhya Pradesh’s development: PM

Bhopal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fresh attack on Congress in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh stating that the party had brought with it destruction when it came to power in the state. Addressing a rally in Satna, PM Modi said “Congress aayi, tabahi laayi (Congress came, brought with it destruction)”.

The Prime Minister further said that Congress has no roadmap for the development of Madhya Pradesh, and people have faith in Modi’s guarantees. “Congress has no roadmap for the development of Madhya Pradesh. The youth of the state see no future in Congress. The state has faith in the guarantees given by Modi. Har guarantee ki poori hone ki guarantee,” he said.

Urging people in the state to vote for BJP, he said, “Your one vote has done wonders that the country’s enemies have lost their courage. Your MP’s one vote will strengthen Modi in Delhi. Your one vote will oust corrupt Congress from MP.” He further said that if the Congress is voted to power “free ration and free health treatment will stop.”

“The Congress at the Centre had created hurdles in the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh, which was not permitted to work. Congress had pushed Madhya Pradesh into the dark well here and BJP has tried to take it out. Now is the time for sabka vikas (development of everyone). Dalit, backwards, tribal, poor, everyone will get their rights,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi further emphasized that in the past 10 years, the government had built four crore houses for the people. “We built Ram temple with the same devotion with which we build 4 crore houses. This is Modi’s guarantee to all those who have not yet got a house, they will get a house,” he said. Madhya Pradesh is one of the five states set to undergo polls in one phase on November 17 and counting of votes will take place on December 3.

Image courtesy of X@narendramodi

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