‘Convicts will never be executed’: Nirbhaya mother breaks down

New Delhi: The mother of the Delhi gang rape victim has expressed her shock to the staying of execution of four men convicted of brutally raping her daughter in a murderous assault by a Delhi court. She said that the lawyer of the convicts, AP Singh, had thrown a challenge to her saying the convicts will never be executed. She asked the government to carry out the hanging.

“The lawyer of the convicts, AP Singh has challenged me saying that the convicts will never be executed. I will continue my fight. The government will have to execute the convicts,” the victim’s mother told reporters battling tears.

Her reaction follows a Delhi court decision to stay the execution of Delhi gang rape convicts on Friday evening till further orders. The convicts were supposed to be hanged on February 1.

In their petition, the lawyer of the convicts pleaded before the court to adjourn the matter sine die. “These convicts are not terrorists,” said lawyer AP Singh.

The lawyer cited the prison manual which says that in a case where more than one person has been handed over the death penalty, the execution cannot take place unless all the convicts have exhausted their legal options.

Lawyer Vrinda Grover had also argued all the accused had been convicted in a common sentence and therefore couldn’t be hanged separately.  Grover is representing Mukesh Singh who is believed to have run out of legal options after his plea against the presidential order was rejected by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

“My client cannot be hanged and the execution of one cannot be separated from other. Hence, the execution should be stayed,” Grover said.

One of the four convicts still has the option of a final legal appeal and another has filed a “mercy petition” with the Indian president which is outstanding.

Junior minister of home affairs, G Kishan Reddy said there was a need for a debate on the delaying tactics used by the convicts on death row.

“There is a need to debate on how convicts of heinous crimes are delaying the death penalty even after the Supreme Court order by exploiting the judicial process,” said Reddy.

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