Coping with Coronavirus; waiting for it to end


For robot restaurant

The Robot restaurant opened in Bengaluru last year, but it is what the doctor ordered for the corona times. Located in Indira Nagar, it has one robot greeter and five robot waiters, blue and white with red lift- p eyes. Also employed are human waiters to keep the robots on track. The Indo-Chinese cuisine eatery can seat 50 diners.

For priest

In face of difficulties churches face in trying to render solace and services at a time of social distancing, some priests have conducted drive-by mass, even distributing communion or hearing confessions.

For cyclist

A man on a deserted Kolkata street trying to sell colorful masks on his bicycle during the extended nationwide lockdown to combat the coronavirus outbreak on April 27. 

For theater

A pedestrian walks underneath the Paramount Theater marquee in Seattle. “This is just intermission, we’ll see you soon,” reads the sign.

Image courtesy of thesatimes | Welcome to The South Asian Times

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