Coro-robot serves food, water and medicines to patients in Thane

Mumbai: Ward boys and nurses are the frontline Corona warriors in our society who come into contact with Covid positive patients  many times and for the longest duration. It is with a noble thought of helping these warriors that Pratik Tirodkar, an Instrumentation engineer from Thane, has developed a robot which would dispense food, water and medicines to corona patients in their wards without the necessity of physical presence of nurses and other care-givers.

Pratik made “Coro-bot” inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Make in India and his clarion call for innovation.

Coro-bot interacts with the patients by using camera. Patients are cautioned through audio reminders to sanitize their hands before they pick up things from trays. The robot has 3 trays which can store various things.

The censors in dispensers ensure that liquids or sanitizers flow quickly when we hold our hand below it and flow is cut-off when the hand/glass is removed from underneath the dispensing area. This not only provides ease but also ensures minimal wastage.

The robot has illumination facility using LED lights which makes sure that it can be easily used during night as well. It also has small PC like set-up at top for computer work and entertainment.

Coro-bot not only allows sanitization by users but it also sanitizes itself to avoid spreading of viruses through touching of its surfaces. It has 3 nozzles at the back to spray disinfectant on itself. Moreover, it goes on sanitizing the path it treads by using UV lights.

It has 3 trays which can carry 10-15 kg weight each and storage at the bottom has 30 kg capacity. Hence it can easily carry supplies for 10-15 people at a time.

“I wanted to make this robot basically for our ward-boys and nurses who are at the forefront of treating corona patients”,  Pratik Tirodkar told PIB. His unit has capacity to make 2-3 robots per week, however the prototype just took 15-20 days to be made. Currently it is being  used at Holycross Hospital in Kalyan.

Pratik and his team have created a special app for operating this robot due to which now it can be operated remotely as well.

With young enthusiasts like Pratik around, India is not far from its dream of becoming Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Image courtesy of Photo: PIB

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