COVID-19: Alert issued for phone, email scams on Long Island

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, scammers have set their sights on those wanting to help those in need.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and Police Commissioner Patrick J. Ryder are warning citizens to be vigilant when receiving telephone solicitations or emails from persons which could be scams or rumors regarding COVID-19.

To stop from becoming a victim of a scammer, both leaders said residents should stay informed by watching and/or listening to news agencies and logging onto the Nassau County website to obtain factual information.

One of the largest scams to date includes those toting cures, vaccines, pills, etc. Government officials remind residents that there are no vaccines, pills, or any over-the-counter products to prevent or cure COVID-19.

Officials are also warning not to click on any emails or offers for products related to the pandemic. They could release viruses or attempt to steal identification information.

Anyone who believes they may have been the victim of any of these scams should call 911. (source:

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